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LGD-4033/VK5211/Ligandrol powder Best Choice For Bodybuilding


What is LGD-4033?


What is LGD-4033? We also call Ligandrol. This is a potent Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that has been developed to help in the enhancement of muscle gain and fat loss. LGD-4033 is taken orally, and it is non-steroidal. It blends with the anabolic receptors that deliver similar results to steroids. However, the side effects are totally different from those of steroids. According to the developers, this product stands among the SARMS that deliver massive results, yet the size is smaller than products under the same category.

LGD-4033 belongs to the Androgen Receptors ligands. These types of ligands tend to be selective when choosing tissues to blend with. They are developed to reduce the wastage of muscles that are linked to chronic and acute diseases, cancer, as well as muscle loss due to aging.

LGD can deliver muscle recovery, like testosterone, while it ensures the safety of the user. The tissue-selective mechanism and oral administering make this product a good choice that works well in the body.

It has been studied that this SARM is about 98% pure with limited inorganic content. According to researchers, the product contains a pure structure that assures the user of a good performance after using it.


LGD-4033 bulk powder description


LGD-4033 powder,is a kind of white crystal powder.As the raw material of LGD-4033,LGD-4033 bulk powder is one of hot selling among the sarms,not only because of LGD-4033 powder cost,but also beacuse of high purity of LGD-4033 raw,yeah,if I buy LGD-4033 bulk powder for sale,or lab use,I prefer to buy LGD-4033 raw online,choose a reliable LGD-4033 powder supplier and keep stable relationship.Details of LGD-4033 bulk powder description as:

Name: LGD-4033/VK5211, Ligandrol

CAS: 1165910-22-4

Molecular Formula: C14H12F6N2O

Molecular Weight: 338.24

Melt Point: 105 – 106 °C

Storage Temp.: RT

Color: Off white Crystal Powder


Benefits of LGD-4033 for bodybuilding

1. Increase in Muscle Mass

The main highlight of Ligandrol is the muscle mass affects that the athlete will get. Depending on the diet an average user can get 5-10 lbs of added muscle mass in a 8-12 week cycle. There are reports of users getting more added muscle with an average dose of 10mg a day.


2. Increase in Strength

Ligandrol will increase the users strength significantly through out a cycle. This is great for breaking plateaus in lifts or overall strength gains in workouts. Users report the strength gains affect around week 3 or a little earlier. Speaking from personal experience, I felt it around week 2. Especially on my compound lifts such as bench press and shoulder dumbbell presses.


3. Fat Loss & Not Muscle Wasting

As said before, Ligandrol was meant to stop muscle wasting on patients. This is a huge plus for anyone looking to do a cutting cycle. Usually on a cutting diet the user is on a caloric deficit and could risk muscle loss. With LGD-4033 that wont happen, in fact it’ll help you increase lean muscle mass just by doing a 8 week cycle. Granted it wont be a huge boost, but you should definitely see a difference.


4. Great for Recomping

Ligadrol really shines on a simple body recomp. With a proper diet and planned training methods. Ligandrol will add a good amount of body mass without adding any body fat. From my personal experience, this works really well stacked with S4 or RAD140. The amount of muscle added and hardness you’ll get with a stack with any of the SARMs mentioned is ridiculous.


5. An Alternative to Steroids

LGD-4033 is easily the most popular SARMs by far. That being said for those that dont want to take the step on taking anabolic steroids, this is a great solution for you. Keep in mind that this wont give you the exact effects that steroids would do, but it’s the closest results


How To Dose LGD-4033 powder?


LGD-4033 is effective with doses as low as 5 mg per day, but the “sweet spot” dose is 10 mg per day.

Clinical trials have gone as high as 20 mg+ per day with no reported negative side effects, so if your research subject is feeling fine with 10 mg you could opt to increase the dose a tad past that.

I wouldn’t exceed a maximum of 20 mg per day though.

The recommended cycle length is 8-12 weeks. You will experience diminished returns past the 12-week mark.

The half-life of LGD-4033 is 24-36 hours so you only need to dose LGD-4033 once per day.

It doesn’t matter if you are on an empty stomach or not when you dose it.

But since everyone’s body endurance is different,you can adjust according to yourself,the dosage is just for references.


LGD-4033 Stacking

There are a few ways to stack LGD-4033, with each of them offering a different set of benefits to the athlete.

1. Bulking: LGD is the best SARM in its class when it comes to bulking, and 10mg per day for 8 weeks will be plenty as a solo run. However, some experienced athletes will go as high as 15 or 20mg per day. During a bulking cycle with LGD it is essential to make sure to up your calories and weight train at least 3-4 times per week.

2. Fat loss: A good cutting stack would be combining LGD at 5mg per day with the average doses of S4 andarine and GW cardarine. Using LGD by itself is not recommended for cutting, since it has to work in synergy with other SARMs for this purpose.

3. Anabolic steroid stack: LGD can be stacked as part of your anabolic steroid cycle to add lean muscle gains and strength without additional side effects. For this, you can add anywhere between 3 and 15mg per day of LGD into your steroid cycle.

4. Recomping: Recomping is done by those looking to add lean muscle mass and burn body fat at the same time. LGD is very good at this when ran in conjunction with cardarine, a strict diet, cardio and weight training.

5. SARMs bridge stack: LGD is popularly used in a bridge with S4 to help mantain gains and strength in between steroid cycles. Run 3-5mg per day of LGD, and a moderate dose of S4 along with HCGenerate ES. LGD should not be used during post cycle therapy (PCT).



Less Side Effects Of LGD-4033


Through studies and logs, the side effects from LGD-4033 have so far shown to be minimal. There are no known side effects except the possibility of slight testosterone suppression.This is easily recovered with a mini-PCT after your LGD-4033 cycle though and is nothing of concern.If you are very gyno prone you may also experience a minor gyno flare up, but this is easily controllable by taking one capsule of Arimi-RX PCT alongside your LGD-4033 dose each day.

LGD 4033 suppression shown has been dose dependent, but there has been a decrease in total and free testosterone as well as SHBG. These interesting findings have show NO significant decrease in LH or FSH. This is very encouraging to users as it shows that while suppressive, recovery will still not be near as long as with anabolic steroids. LGD-4033 is non toxic and side effects have been mild to minimal. It has not shown increases in estradiol ,but, as with anything, an aromatase inhibitor should be kept on hand.

A full pct, as opposed to a mini pct with other SARMS, is recommended after a cycle of LGD-4033 . While it may not be quite as suppressive as anabolics, the suppression is much higher than other SARMS, thus, requiring a full PCT.


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