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Guaranteed Quality

Dewael Biotech is committed towards ensuring the optimal quality of products, one can procure from us at the competitive rates. The processes of formulating Steroidal and several other Compounds, includes the beginning stage of formulation and then the process of refining. The purity of the final product is decided by the standard of production procedure and employment of equipment and quality-control system. Our licensed manufacturing unit facilitates the checking and inspection processes in order to assure of the finest standards. Our every compound guarantees 98 percent purity besides Boldenone Undeclyenate is refined up to 97% purity standard; Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) can be processed in a way that can ensure 99%+ purity. The company has take resort to a variety of testing methods for making sure of complete consistency in the quality of products which are shown below :


Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is applied in order to identify the purity level, it functions on the principle of evaluating Mass to Charge ratio and amount of gas-phase ions by means of leading-edge analyzing technology, detection of the value of purity can be validated on any sample. This efficient analyzing method is preferably used at our production unit during manufacturing starting from testing the base chemical to every stage of refining process.


Gas Chromatography

In addition to Mass Spectrometry that is preferred to use intricate computer analysis, a few compounds requires different testing method that is Gas Chromatography, can be recommended for compounds that can be evaporated without breakdown. Some of the compounds do not react categorically under the particular methods of testing, for an example, oxandrin contains lower flash point than its melting point. Our in-house expert professionals is aware of even minute technical detail and nuances of such compounds for making sure of the most applicable method of testing for evaluating purity.



This is a mechanism that can be recommended for refining the several compounds, it is the most preferably recommended and well-know mechanism. This technique eliminates insoluble impurities through dissolving solute with the help of solvent at the higher temperature in order that the solvent gets saturated. At boiling temperature, solvent filters out impurities from most of the compounds as the solution is gradually cooled, subsequently solution gets saturated at the less concentration of solute. The compound gets crystallized, then is filtered out and the process gets repeated.


Precursor Chemicals

One can not prepare food without adequate and required ingredients, in the same way the formulation of Steroidal Compounds require different precursor chemicals which should comply with essential standards in order to make sure that the preparation of compounds at the initial stage of production. It is very important element that triggers off the chemical reaction in order to produce the other compound.



It is pretty significant to store the compound in an appropriate manner with right stock containers. It is not the right idea to making the powder wet at the time of scaling. The more efficiently stored it is, the greater longevity it will ensure in terms of quality, stability and purity.


Technical Maintenance

Norms of ISO and Licenses accentuate that every machine and tool should be maintained to the highest standard. This is strongly recommended that at the formulation or production the possibility of contaminants should be minimized.

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