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  • Caractéristiques

Mini V Type Mélangeur de poudre,VH-5, VH-8, VH-14



VH Blenders are commonly used in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, chemical,food and related industries to mix dried powder and granules. Itconsists of two VH of different or same altitudes, and throughmechanical transmission, the materials in these shells are made to moveback and forth, crossed over and rotate 360º to achieving ultimateuniform mixing. VH Blenders are rugged in designed andconstruction, 304 S.S. (optional 316L) mirror polished of inner andouter shell to meet the GMP Standard. We offer the most affordableVH-Blenders in the marketplace from laboratory to large scale productionbatch. We used heavy duty industrial Motors & Drives for all3-Phase VH and intensifier bar. Available OMRON Safety SensorGates for all VH-Blenders. Available Variable Speed Control on VHland I-Bar.



l Compact structure,operation simple,maintenance convenience.

l The materials of tube adopts the stainless steel,both the inside wall and outside wall mirror polished,easy to wash,meet the GMP standard.

l The machine adopts V form asymmetric material tube to compound,having no dead angle,no accumulation of materials,high speed,and short mixing time,high uniform mixing.

l Circulate steady,have no noise.

l Operate with electrical control,it can set mixing time to realize automatic stop.


Paramètres techniques

Type barrel cubage Work cubage Moteur spead Taille Max content
VH5 5L 2L 0.25kw 24r / min 560× 270 × 560 2kg
VH8 8L 3.2L 0.25kw 24r / min 610× 280 × 740 2.5kg
V14 14L 5.6L 0.37kw 20r / min 780× 350 × 850 5kg


This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, aliments, dry powder, granular material mixing. The machine mixing tube structure unique mixing, high efficiency, and no accumulation expected. Whole structure is simple, easy to operate. Outer surface and material contact parts are made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, and good maintenance and easy to clean.

Barrel Capacity: 5L

Working volume: 2L

Motor power: 220V 550W

Mixed Speed: 20r / min

Dimensions: 720 × 370 × 615mm


Structural Use and Maintenance

The machine is equipped with motor and reducer end, the electrical power to pass through the belt reducer, speed machine and then pass through the coupling V-shaped barrel. Continuous operation of the V-shaped barrel, barrel drives the material in the barrel, down, left, and right by sufficient mixing.

Installation: Place the machine on a smooth, installed machine foot, pad level, so that the machine can operate freely.

Before use plus a good place to be fuel oil ( machine factory has been refueling ) , and then load operation , to check for loose fasteners , electrical appliances is normal, machinery is working properly , if unusual , for trimming and debugging.

Go to the top feeding port , open the feed cover for feeding, feeding amount can not exceed the specified volume , and then feeding lid tightly closed , start the machine is operated , the way such as abnormal , must stop to check .

After work or replacement of species must hopper inside and outside clean.

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