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Octodrine DMHA Powder (1,5 Dimethylhexylamine) CAS 543-82-8


DMHA Powder (1, 5 Dimethylhexylamine)
Alias: Octodrine; 2-Aminoisoheptane
Chemical name:2-amino-6-methylheptane,2-amino-5-methylheptane
CAS No.:543-82-8
Molecular Formula:C8H19N
Molecular Weight:129.24
Appearance: white powder
Purity: 99% HPLC
Usage: DMHA Usually used in pre workout and also used as a fat burner supplements


What is DMHA ?


DMHA also called 2-Aminoisoheptane. DMHA extract from plant,which is Sources for aconitum .Most of us know that DMHA is synthetic 2-amino-6-methylheptane, also 1,5-Dimethylhexylamine . DMHA is a fun new stimulant. There are a lot of researches 2-Aminoisoheptane compound with a ingredient can release a product that produces the same results as
geranium oil (DMAA) and AMP citrate. We’re entirely sure that’s true, and it’s not far from our experiences! DMHA has a
similar structure to that of DMAA and AMP Citrate (DMBA). All of these compounds are classified as “psychostimulants”.

DMHA carries out a variety of similar functions to other psychoactive central nervous system stimulants, including enhancing energy levels, enhancing cognitive function, decreasing appetite and improving bronchodilation. DMHA has also been shown to increase levels of dopamine and noradrenaline; two hormones responsible for making you“feel good”and allowing you to perform in stressful situations. In addition, users of DMHA have reported a higher pain threshold and a decreased rate of perceived exertion, thus allowing workouts to extend beyond the point of fatigue. The combination of effects experienced when using DMHA provide the ultimate support for workouts, hence its increased inclusion in a variety of performance based supplements on the market.


Health Benefits Of DMHA:


The ability of DMHA to boost energy levels in the body and enhance attention makes it the best stimulant for bodybuilders. DMHA is capable of increasing the levels of monoamine such as dopamine and norepinephrine in the body.
The monoamines have been shown to increase the desire to train. Animal studies have shown that DMHA can increase the pain threshold. The increase in pain threshold can help support more intense workouts and reduce the rate of perceived exertion.


DMHA Function:


1.DMHA can increase levels of various monoamines in the body, most notably norepinephrine and dopamine. Once these
start flooding the body, you’ll feel the typical effects induced by other stimulants including increased alertness and mood.
2.DMHA can be stress reducing properties with low dosed of theacrine.
3.DMHA can increase concentration for workouts and intense energy.
4.DMHA is similar to DMAA, but it is more powerful than DMAA.


DMHA Specification:


Item Specification Result
Appearance Almost White to White powder White Powder
Assay 98.5% min. 99.13%
Loss on Drying 0.5% max. 0.22%
Heavy Metals 10ppm max. Complies
Arsenic 2ppm max. Complies
Cadmium 1ppm max. Complies
Lead 1ppm max. Complies
Mercury 1ppm max. Complies
Total Plate Count 1000 CFU/g max. Complies

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