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Blend Steroid Anomass 400mg/ml Oil Conversion Recipes

1L Anomass 400mg/ml

Conversion Recipes

Testosterone enanthate powder 150 gram
Boldenone undecylenate powder 150 gram
Trenbolone enanthate powder 100 gram
Benzyl Alcohol 20ml
Benzyl Benzoate 200ml
Then adequate Grape Seed Oil to make total volume of solution at 1000 ml

Notes: Grape Seed Oil could be replaced by MCT or Sesame oil. we can also make the gear with part of ethyl oleate. If you have own cook recipes, please pass us, we could customized for you. The tools like 10ml vials, crimper, filters ect all available


What is Anomass 400?

Anomass 400 is an effective Mixed Injectable Anabolic Steroids Oil for Bodybuilding, which made by Testosterone Enanthate, Boldenone undecylenate, Trenbolone enanthate, the 3 steroids conceration are 150mg/ml, 150mg/ml, 100mg/ml. which combines three steroids so that users can enjoy the beneficial effects of all of these powerful types steroids.

Anomass 400 provides the essential ingredients for high levels of muscle mass, fat loss and quality competitive conditioning.


Anomass 400 Description

The Anomass 400 is a powerful blend of three unique steroids, designed with intelligent product synthesis methods. Anomass 400 is designed to be “in the bottle” and provides an effective method for the user’s weekly dosing regimen. Combined with asphalt ketone undecenoic acid, testosterone testosterone and tylosylaurate, the product twice a week to provide a simple user needs everything.

Anomass 400 is a steroid and is an efficient mixture of three special compounds. It is designed to give the advantages of all three compounds and to maximize the results. It can be used for weekly doses, and it contains testosterone heptanoate, octadecenoic acid cholesterol ester and entriptan acid ketone. By giving a simple injection twice a week, the product will provide all the features that the user needs and will provide many benefits for the builders, athletes and others.


Anomass 400 Benefits


  1. Anomass 400 contains boldenone undecylenate, which is a steroid that is derivative of testosterone. It has higher mytropic activity than testosterone and it doesn’t convert into estrogens – which means that it will not have any estrogen related side effects.
  2. Anomass 400 has the ability to add quite a bit of muscle, but it has few side effects
  3. Boldenone stimulates the kidneys, so that they can produce erythropoietin. This increases the number of red blood cells in the blood as well as improving the viscosity of the blood. It will be easier for your blood to carry oxygen to the cells of your body – improving your performance when it comes to aerobic exercise.


You should know:

The Anomass 400mg/ml semi-finished oils are made from 99%min pure steroid powders, BA, BB, GSO, EO or MCT according to a certain recipe. They’re filtered and not bottled in 10ml vial. for safety shipping we pack with Special disguised packages, you should filtered again when receive it. It require you to use 0.22um Disposable syring filter or automatic filter device to sterilize them and filter into 10ml sterile vial before use or sell. We have all these devices for sale.

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